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mandy patmore artist


Mandy Patmore is a multi-media environmental artist who lives in Karekare, on Auckland’s west coast. She has a passionate relationship with her local environment and her work reflects this; looking at the past, present and future of our land, and human interactions with it. Primarily a painter, Patmore's current work focuses largely on deforestation and habitat loss in New Zealand, and the plight of many endangered native species, whilst exploring themes of colonisation and human impact on our landscape.


In 2009 she was the lead artist on the Piha domain footbridge, which won the NZ Recreation Association Award for most outstanding project. The aim of this arts bridge was to create more understanding of our endangered endemic long finned eel, and educate the public about the incredible journey of this creature and highlight the concerns about its decline.  In 2019, she managed a hugely successful research project on Pekapeka tou roa – Long Tailed Bats, linking artists with scientists; curating an exhibition in response to the project. Her work aims to use art as a tool for social change.


Patmore has worked in the arts industry for the last 20 years; as a freelance artist, Arts Educator, Musician, Event Manager, Project Manager, and as an Environmental Arts Coordinator for Auckland Council.  She has created and project managed a huge amount large scale events and art projects, including what is thought to be Auckland’s largest community mural, involving over 1000 members of the public.


Patmore is based at Corban Estate Arts Centre, where she is the Creative Director of Kākano Youth Arts Collective -  a unique visual arts programme, which works with young artists aged between 13 and 20 who have struggled in mainstream education, many of whom are also involved in the justice system. Patmore began Kākano in 2013 as a pilot programme, and it has since developed into a hugely successful initiative which has transformed many young lives, assisting rangatahi to develop their studio practice, self-esteem and self-worth, and move their lives in a positive new direction. In March 2021, the Collective took a further step in opening the Kākano Gallery, a space run by the young people, which is aiming to transform a community.  In 2019 Patmore was awarded a New Zealander of the Year Local Hero Award for her work with Kākano.

award & achievements

Featured Artist - ‘Life and Leisure’ Magazine, February 2022

New Zealander of the Year - Local Hero Awards 2019

Managed a highly successful citizen science project about Long tailed bats, where a select group of artists were invited to work with Auckland Council and national experts, to track bats over 3 nights, resulting in an exhibition based on the experience.  Proceeds were used to purchase equipment to further Pekapeka research - 2019

Winner - Keep New Zealand Beautiful Wall Worthy Award 2013

Highly Commended Award - ARC Sustainable Environment Awards 2010

Designer of the Piha Domain Footbridge -  The Story of the Eel - Winner of the NZ Recreation Association Award for Most Outstanding Project 2009

exhibition history

'Past. Presence. Future'Eyes on Fire Gallery, Solo exhibition, April 2023



'Regardless'Studio one Toi Tū, with Jermaine Reihana and Melissa Hastings, April 2022



'Preservation'Mercury Plaza Gallery, Solo Show, August 2021


'Sunday Girl'Corban Estate Arts Centre, Group show, October 2021



'But where are all the Trees?'All Goods Artspace, Solo exhibition , June 2019


'Pekapeka tou-roa – Life, Flight and Plight' - Corban Estate Arts Centre, Group show, October 2019



'ARTWEST'Kelston Girls College Art Expo, September 2018


'Home'Studio One Toi Tu, Solo exhibition, October 2018


'Rongorongo'Corban Estate Arts Centre, with Jermaine Reihana, Charlotte Graham and Cora Allen Wickliffe, Sept 2018


'Going, Going, Gone…'Corban Estate Arts Centre, with Jermaine Reihana and Melissa Hastings, April 2018



'Reretahi'Corban Estate Arts Centre, with Jermaine Reihana, Sept 2017


'Waitakere College Foundation Auction'Waitakere College, 2017


'Nohanga'Arataki Visitor Centre Solo exhibition, March 2017



'To and Fro'Depot Artspace, Group exhibition, October 2016


'Auckland Grammar Art Auction'Auckland Grammar School, November 2016


'Marist College Art Auction'Marist College, Auckland, November 2016



'Habitat'Homestead Galleries, Corban Estate Arts Centre, with Angela Tiatia and Ross Malcolm, November 2015



'Affordable Art Show'Corban Estate Arts Centre, Group exhibition, December 2014



'Neighbourhood'Corban Estate Arts Centre, Group exhibition, March 2013



'Keep it in the family'West Coast Gallery, Group exhibition, June 2012



'NGA TUAHINE MATARIKI'West Coast Gallery, Group exhibition of women artists, July 2011



mandy patmore artist
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